The Vegan Activist Guide to Strategic Communications

Want to learn how how to communicate more effectively with non-vegans?

This is the guide for you!

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The Vegan Activist Guide to Strategic Communications

Being an activist isn’t easy!

Communicating effectively with non-vegans can be very challenging.

We’ve got a guide that’ll help.

It’s The Vegan Activist Guide to Strategic Communications and it contains not only 24 pages of key strategies and tips but 1-hour video of a live presentation! This combo will help you communicate much more effectively in your vegan activism.

The guide was created with Ann Searight Christiano and Annie Neimand, professors at University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, both experts in the area of strategic communication to ignite behavior change. 

If you’d like to discover what you need to do to better use your activism to ignite passion and action in your audience, sign up for the guide below.

What the Guide Will Cover

How to develop a communication strategy to engage new audiences in veganism

A science-driven approach to strategic communication for belief and behavior change

The five core principles that you can apply to inspire others to adopt a vegan lifestyle

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